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 Would you like your dog to sit and drop on command, not moving till you say otherwise, be controllable on walks, either right by your side or when walking on a loose lead, come when called and be pawfectly mannered all the time?


 Pawfect Manners Dog Training can teach all of this and show you how to

  communicate with your dog using just 3 words!!



Do you have a puppy or dog joining your family? Congratulations, the arrival of your cuddly puppy or cute doggie is so exciting but it can also be a bit daunting.  Maybe you are not sure what and when to feed, where the new arrival should sleep, when to worm or take to the vet, how to toilet train, etc.  


 When to start - as soon as you get your puppy or dog home.  The myth of waiting till your puppy is six months or your new dog has settled in, is just that, a myth.  There is no reason to wait and with the right training, you can prevent inappropriate behaviours from occurring.  Get your relationship off to a great start with puppy training or dog training by using the services of a professional and qualified dog trainer. 


Don't have time for group dog training? Sometimes getting up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to take your dog to obedience training just doesn't fit in with your busy lifestyle.  Yet you still want to have a trained, obedient dog who has great manners.  Perhaps you have attended a class or two and found they were not for you.  They may have been too regimented, you didn't like the training methods, didn't get enough or any personal attention, your questions were brushed off, no-one could help with your dogs behaviour problems, your dog was terrified or, one of the best I have heard, your dog was too unruly (isn't that why you went in the first place!). 

 We can help by providing one-on-one private tuition with a qualified dog trainer who can get that unruly dog in order, or assist in bringing that timid dog out of its shell.  We will also answer all your questions and dispel the myths you may have heard about training puppies and dogs.


Does your dog have behavioural problems? Such as aggression to people or animals; jumping on you, visitors or furniture; destructive behaviour; barging through doorways or gates; mouthing or biting; pulling washing off the line; going to the toilet in the wrong places; chasing the kids when they are playing ball or anything else?  Some of these problems are just bad manners on your dogs part, but others are very serious and need to be addressed as soon as possible so they don't escalate.  The earlier we intervene the better.

Learning how to communicate with your dog will provide you with a way to effectively deal with behavioural problems by letting your dog know what is acceptable, and what is not.   

We are more than happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have.  Please contact Linda on 0430 017 297 or click send email above.