Here is some feedback we have received......


Hi Linda,

Archie is oh so tired after a very busy day.  Hasn't moved since I brought him in, even with the kids eating dinner nearby.  Thank you so much for working with Archie.  The transformation has been incredible.  Looking forward to him being more involved in family activites now he's gained more manners.  I'll be spreading the word far and wide about your service and what a difference it's made for all of us.  Thanks again. Jen Awty


Hi Linda,
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.  Paws was outstandingly good in our training session today - although he's kept us on our toes with corrections today. Just as you thought he is testing us a bit I think! But no jumping up and lots of very good behaviour.
So massive thanks for your amazing work with him - we are quite gobsmacked that he could come so far in such a short time. Even with the corrections he is already an easier dog to have around!
Thanks again.



Hi Linda

I just wanted to thank you for today. You are so patient, knowledgeable, encouraging and it just felt right. 

Thank you mostly for taking the extra time to listen to me about my last labrador, Bosley. It meant the world to me. Sorry about the crying but you understood and that made me think that you are not just a dog trainer. You have the ability to work with and listen to both the owner and the dog. It's always a two way road, sadly a lot of people don't understand this concept. 

When I watched you interact with Basil my protective instincts melted away. I saw someone who was not just here for the dollar amount. You were here for both Basil and me. You cared about what sort of dog Basil has the potential to be and indeed the sort of dog that I want to be able to take anywhere. 

On a final note the most important thing I learned from you today was 'trust'. I need to trust in myself and in turn Basil will trust me.....the perfect bond between animal and human. 

Looking forward to your next visit. Please stay for a glass of wine and antipasti after. Make sure you bring both of your fur friends. Speaking of which I need to stock up on wine for my dog training ;0)

Bec x



After loosing our much loved Labrador of 13½ years, we felt a terrible void in our lives.  We wanted to give our love to a new dog, so we decided to get a puppy.

We were very excited about bringing home our beautiful new Black Labrador. As you would expect he is bright, boisterous and full of energy. He is also beautiful to cuddle up to.

We noticed that our puppy was starting to have some odd behavior, which was not expected at such an early age. We thought he just needed some training to get him on track.

Linda came to our home and it did not take long to realize that she has a natural ability with animals and a passion to work with them and their owners.

Linda identified our puppy’s problem as being “resource guarding”.  (This is when an animal guards his food, afraid it will be taken away from him).  This is rare behavior in puppies and needs to be addressed and corrected. So we needed to work on two things – the resource guarding and also obedience.

Linda worked with our puppy to help him to overcome his problems.  He became like a new puppy, calm and controlled and feeling a lot happier.

Linda has helped us understand the resource guarding and taught us how to manage him correctly. We can even feed him out of our hands now and that is a huge accomplishment! We still have a long way to go but we are progressing slowly. With the obedience side of things he has learnt to be well behaved and is doing really well.  The training is simple and effective in keeping him well behaved.

Linda has offered her support to help us manage our dogs behavioral problems. She even calls us to check on his progress.   Linda has helped us to be more confident in helping our puppy work through his problems. He loves Linda and gets excited every time she visits our home.

We owe our “Sincere thanks to Linda” (and family) for the endless support we have been given.  Linda has gone above and beyond to help us and our dog overcome the challenges we have faced.

We highly recommend Linda for all your animal behavioral and training needs.

Kim & Scott Seckold 


Hi Linda, We have been continuing the basics at home before venturing out into the street. I have just returned from the most pleasant walk with our dog. We did a few corrections to remain on course. Normally , I would return home very worked up and the dog near exhaustion for the same route. I'm smiling, Bonnie is relaxed and breathing normally. A credit to your methods, best money we have ever spent.. our dog has new boundaries and loving it !! Thank you so much for your love and commitment to your craft. Glenn, Michele, Millz & Bonnie-Mae xoxo


Hi Linda,

Just wanted to thank you for the work you have done with our Kelpie, Jax.

He has gone from being destructive and out of control to a well behaved, well mannered dog!

We are now able to entertain outside in peace knowing that he will not jump on and harass our guests.

We are finally able to enjoy taking him out and about with us and letting him run around as he should be able to, knowing that he will always come when called and knowing that we have control over him when we need to.

Both us and Jax are so much happier now that we are not constantly yelling at him!

Thanks again for everything :-)

Liss, Cal & Jax


Linda, thanks for all your help and support in training our German Shepherd (and us).   At only 12 months, we thought it would be a long while before she would learn and settle down.
Now we can take her with us when we go out and know that we are capable of controlling and directing her as we have also been taught.  We realised it is just important to be consistent with our commands and ways of asking her to sit, drop and heel.
We are very grateful and amazed at how much she has learnt in such a short time and will be recommending you to all of our friends.  We cannot thank you enough.  Jarrod and Melissa




"Our little boy is sooo good.  We tell all our friends you are the magician - the eight wonder of the world.  We've been a bit slack training him to lay on the floor and stay - but we'll panic mid week, when we realise Sunday is just around the corner and you will be testing us as well as him."  Denis


"Hi Linda

I just had to write and tell you how well everything is going.
Polly is calmer, Ted is happier and the humans are relieved!
It's all going very well and we are managing to stick to the rules consistently.
Our neighbours haven't heard Polly bark throughout the day all week, which is fantastic.

I just can't tell you how happy we are, thanks so much.
We are looking forward to your next visit

Ian and Siouxzy"






In November 2010, I contacted Linda to train my 6 month old male Labrador Retriever. Linda came highly recommended through a friend who knew of her reputation as a dog trainer.

I had been having some difficulty controlling my dog as a puppy, but as he got older and bigger the problem was becoming impossible. He was becoming more and more dominant with all members of my family and I was just about to start looking for a new home for him when I was lucky enough to hear about Linda.

From the very first it was obvious that Linda has a natural affinity with dogs. I was very impressed with the methods she used and the results that were achieved. She gained control, almost immediately, of what was a very difficult young dog. We managed to correct all the major problems in the first appointment and I am very happy to report that I now have a very happy, stable and obedient dog. Linda's knowledge and love of dogs is very evident. I have learned so much in a short period of time that I will be forever grateful. I found Linda to be very professional and an extremely capable dog trainer whose conduct both personally and professionally demonstrate the highest levels of honesty and integrity." 

Paul (Owner of a Labrador terrorist) Altona



I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the wonderful work you did with our dog Norman.


Thanks to your tuition on how to handle his boisterous behavior (jumping and biting) he is now a much calmer member of our family.


You will also be pleased to know that he now stop's at the road without us having to tell him 100 times and comes back when called (only sometimes after one last sniff!).




So thanks again, you have made our lives.....and Norman's much more enjoyable.